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Lyrics from albom "Faith In Salvatoin".



Faith in salvation


Hatred and revenge are bound with each other

It's a vicious circle, ring that's burning further

Faith in salvation's alive

Making our hearts hot like fire

Mind is right or wrong, which judge is impartial

Turn to slave or host, which way is soon after

Nobody knows what fate is

Now it is our destinies



But we'll tear to heavens and we'll see

The light and eyes are opened wide

Forgetting all we'll fly aloft in the sky

So we will dissolve in height and deep

Blue and our flight will be seen then by

Everyone and everywhere


Is fame true or false, hard to understand it Honor or disgrace, avowing or to slander

Faith in salvation's alive

Leads us with itself to fly


Bravery or fear, feebleness or power

Make just one more step, mention every hour

Boisterous river of clouds

Highway to dreams, longest road

Who are we?


Not much longer and we should be dead

Even now the light our eyes has fled

We got life instead.

Some chill hand has writ anew the slate

Life eternal is our awful fate

Bondage now awaits.


Dreams are dead for us

Love is torn from us

Fear and sorrow are strangers to us

Ice flows through our veins,

Our souls live in chains

Turning doubt and hope into dust


Who are we?

The troops of darkness or of light

Who are we?

Soldiers or slaves or gods by right

Who are we?

Who gave us life, who gave us substance?

Who are we?

Living souls, our bodies in the grave

Living in a baleful universe

We twist fortunes with a casual curse

Heaven’s not for us

Don’t be silent, God – please hear our call!!!

Why are we in darkness’ evil thrall?

Do we exist at all?

Inspite of Death


There are many troubles lying in my way

Strewn with secrets now my life’s in disarray


Time and again I break down walls

Looking for a clue

Wrong or right – where is the answer

What am I to do?


I have lived and sinned just like other men,

Tell me why the world has filled my life with pain


Again I stand before the doors, I’m

Trying to find the key

Day and night my mind is troubled

There’s no peace for me


I will survive this all, though it’s like a fearful dream

But if I die, don’t raise a cross just yet for me

I’ll climb out of the grave and take away the Prince of Darkness’ curse

I will live on, in spite of death


It was all too good, it just couldn’t last

Our sad Fate was sealed, the die had long been cast


We were not to be together

Fate won’t be outdone

Our life could not last forever

And we had but one


Every day’s unreal, or is that how it seems?

We are one again or is that just a dream?


You are standing there before me

I see in your eyes

Pain and joy and hesitation

Fears I can’t deny



Everything's colored

By paints of a war

River of hate's flowing through

Power for hour

Is dangerous force

The game with the devilish rules

There is no forgiveness

The fault's to atone

And death's mowing everyone blamed

You see ghostly glimpses

The dark strength's undone

The hunting doom takes you at aim


Your sword's bloody razor

Your cloak's stained with gore

Unconsciousness covered your win

The direst treasure

Is warrior's core

It's scarring your skin till you wince

Among shady spaces

In fight of the worlds

You glorified horrible birth

The death dispossesses

You of your own lord

The master of power of hurt



Before, you were before

The host led with your call

Before, you were before

You were hero Abigor


You got sixty legions

You're master of beasts

But legion of heavens cuts down

And terrible danger

Through millions leagues

Was seizing you up like demand

Your god was forgotten

You're swearing yourself

Your mind was destroyed by the gun

Your body was quartered

Dream's broken like shell

Your life turned to dust on the ground

The Loss


Sun had hidden off the sky, the darkness came

But I keep outlasting my path

Heart was broken into million links of chain

And your soul was climbed above


So why I had

To go ahead

The run was off,

The time to stop


I ask of you

Stay with me

Don't go away

It should be paid

With my own

For the loss

The one I love

The one I crave

I'll give you all

I have


Core of life dissolved in space, cos' something's missed

I am damned, salvation's not for me

Standing on the edge and wishing touch abyss

I was kept upper with light by chasm emit(ed)


I heard the voice,

It brought the words

"You must go on,

It all for one"

What eternity holds (Be yourself)


Day or night

How can I fool myself,

How to forget, and find a new path?

Overcome memories, start my life anew

How can I find a new way to get through


The pitfalls and traps that I find in my way

I’ll overcome and forget,

I’ll forget your gaze.


Oh! To return to the past

Once again, change it all from the start.

If I could go back once more

Be myself and change the score


There’s no way out and nowhere to run

Suffering[3] and anguish return with the dawn

Sorrow and pride steal my breath away

Night comes once more but I’m sleepless again


I’ll find my way through the darkness and cold

I’ll overcome and find out

What eternity holds


Oh! To return to the past

Once again, change it all from the start.

If I could go back once more

Be myself and change the score



The Tyrant


You’ve made the world which we must live within

Crushing us all so that you can be King

Helping your own while chastising the rest

Exploiting your power to decide what’s the best

You’ve banished the magic of light and of dusk

Knowledge and strength, you’ve turned into dust

Freedom’s lithe wings you have trapped with your laws

With plans and with schemes you are settling old scores


We will win through, we’ll be led by our man

He’ll topple the tyrant with strength in his hand

That day will come, we won’t have to wait too long

Now, on the move is the white magic throng

Shaping our swords by the moon’s gentle light

Shadows from candles gleam all through the night

The sun will soon rise, we must haste to the fray

We’ll battle with evil, our world we must save

Fear chills the blood and it freezes the heart

But we must fight on as we have from the start

We’ve strength for the battle, endurance to stay

And fight for our world to bring on a new day